Wayland Let Me Down Again

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had ordered 13 paints from Wayland on Monday.  That post was made on Wednesday and I had a bit of a moan that they’d not been dispatched.  I’ve been checking fairly regularly to see when they were likely to be dispatched as I really wanted them so that I could do some painting this weekend, well about twenty minutes ago (14:50) I looked and the status of my order has gone from “Processing” to “Awaiting Stock”…

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Ever since I was a child, I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs.  My first camera was a little disk camera where the film was on a wheel.  Obviously to anybody reading this today the concept of having only a dozen and a half shots and you had to take the film to a shop to get them developed is archaic beyond believe, even more so considering that even the most primitive mobile phone has a digital camera.  The introduction of social sharing mechanisms such as Facebook and Flickr (and many more) has transformed the amateur world of photography into something quite fantastic.

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Games Day and Golden Demon 2012

Across the UK, Sunday 23rd September heralded almost 8000 hobbyists across the country head to the National Exhibition Centre for before 10am.  Many of them with carefully packed miniatures and amazingly painted display pieces or with hopes of gleaning some snippet of unknown information.

I was up around 6am and after doing some last minute changes (including failing to attach a display plinth) to my Golden Demon entry headed out the door at 7am to get my lift.  My brother and I got to the NEC around 9.30am although stood in the cold for 25 minutes as the stewards insisted that there wasn’t an early entry queue for people with Golden Demon entries – there was and it opened at 9am…

First port of call (after having a pee and filling in our Golden Demon entry slip) was towards the Forge World stand where we were lucky enough to pick up the very last seminar ticket!  We then dropped our Golden Demon entries off and decided to head to the sales area, which Games Workshop had this year (thankfully) utilised an entire hall (which in previous years hadn’t been open).  On the positive, there was a queuing system.  On the negative, it took us two whole hours to get round.  I was lucky enough to pick up two of the limited edition t-shirts, four of the Games Day Anthologies, a copy of Lone Wolves and Horus Heresy Book One – Betrayal (which I have discovered was limited to 200 copies).  I am a bit annoyed that whilst being ‘assisted’ by one of the staff when looking for a t-shirt, he handed me the wrong one which I didn’t discover until I’d got home…

The Forge World Seminar was fantastic, I’ve been in three before and Tony Cotrell is a fantastic speaker and didn’t disappoint this time.  Alan Bligh was there too and both spoke about the planned projects.  It never fails to amaze me how thick people are however.  Warhammer Forge is currently working on “Black Fire Pass”, it was made very clear that this is the ONLY project being worked on for Warhammer – there must have been four or five questions asking if item xyz is going to be made or are they going to develop item abc for Warhammer.  Which bit of “Black Fire Pass is Forge World’s only Warhammer Project” is difficult to understand.  The Horus Heresy project was talked about a lot (as you can imagine) and I’ve created a post on what was spoken about.  It’s really exciting and I actually think that more people are enthusiastic about this than anything else Games Workshop is working on.

Overall the day was very enjoyable, not getting a first cut sticker and queuing for 2 hours was the only two low points of the day (getting up early I’m not including).

Anyway onto the eye candy!

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Forge World Seminar 2012 – Horus Heresy Roundup

The Forge World seminars are always a wonderful source of information and pleasure.  Because Forge World are a smaller team, much of their work is planned months in advance and they’re not bound to the same ‘tight lipped’ secrecy that has become synonymous with Games Workshop.  I think some of this is because Forge World caters for the slightly more mature hobbyist who accept that release schedules do slip and don’t publicly chastise them for this.

My memory isn’t fantastic, so I’m sure that this isn’t a complete list of everything mentioned!

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A Few Changes

It’s been a little time coming, but I’ve begun to make a few odd changes and a clean and polish, in an attempt to liven up the blog a little bit.  Scarily I’ve been posting bits up for the past three years and although there have been odd hiatuses on the whole it’s been quite successful and I’m getting a fairly regular number of readers.

So I’ve decided to give the blog a bit of an overhaul and to begin to use it to muse on various aspects of the hobby both good and bad.  Over the past day I’ve put on links to some of the blogs that I try and check relatively frequently and will aim to get the 80-odd photos I took at Games Day up.

One of the biggest changes I’m going to (try and) make is to split my normally epic-length posts into more manageable chunks.  What this will mean is that rather than get a post that talks about a specific project, another piece of painting and a really cool technique I’ve discovered, you’ll get three posts instead, so you can choose to read what interests you.

Finally I’ll get more eye candy up – even if it’s only vaguely relevant like the lady polishing a table to the right 😉

Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m itching to do some ‘traditional’ painting – i.e. using a brush and not airbrush and weathering techniques.  To this end I have in my possession one of the lovely plastic Chaos Lord models from the Dark Vengeance boxed set.  I picked this up for the bargain price of a fiver (that’s £5).  The model is a lovely piece of work and despite the amount of detail is only five pieces – backpack, cloak & shoulders, body and two arms.

In principal it’s a fairly simple paint job, made more straightforward by the host of reference pictures.

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I Came, I Saw, I… Oh fail cakes

Well despite my best efforts and spending many hours and late nights, I didn’t even make first cut.  Although I knew my model would never take home a demon I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t even get a green sticker.  It didn’t help that the stewards were telling people there wasn’t an early entry queue (which there was) so by the time I got in and handed my mini over, it got put on the top shelf of the cabinet which meant that anyone under 6ft tall would really have only seen the underside of the base – which wasn’t at the same level as the main painting.  I think what has annoyed me more though is that the couple of entries in the finalist cabinet I saw when I collected mine didn’t have any kind of narrative to them at all.  In fact the entry that took the third was a standard Space Wolf Dreadnought that was painted well but not what I would have called spectacularly – the gold demon was taken by a tank that in all honesty was just very well weathered using pigments and such like.  Although it’s not easy to achieve it’s also not difficult and from the big screen, I didn’t feel it warranted the top prize.

That said, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day and managed to pick up all of the things that I wanted – including the Horus Heresy Book One (which despite being £70 is a gorgeous creation).  I’ve also been inspired to get back into “proper painting” once more.  My two projects this year (Stormlord and Contemptor Dreadnought) I’ve really enjoyed doing, but the projects consisted of 40% modelling, 20% airbrushing, 30% weathering and 10% actual painting with a brush.  I hand painted all of the bone items on the Contemptor and shocked myself with how quickly I actually managed to get them done, the same for the Genestealer head and various metal elements.

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Dirty, Dirty, Dreadnought

I’m still running behind my ‘schedule’ but by going to bed at 2.30am last night (technically this morning) meant that I got all of the oil washes onto the dreadnought which means by the end of tomorrow they’ll be dry enough for me to varnish.  I also ‘drybrushed’ black and brown oil paint onto the gun barrel and it’s come out absolutely fantastic and toned that part of the model so that it actually matches the rest of the body.  The only annoyance I had was that I’d not re-varnished the red knee pad with transfer so I almost messed that up with the white spirit in the oil wash.  Thankfully despite being after midnight I did some very speedy poking with a clean brush and you’d not know that it had ever happened.  The only other thing that was almost a disaster was that the head didn’t actually glue into place with the tiny drop of epoxy I used so fell off – straight into the mix of oil paint :s  As the head had been varnished some deft work with kitchen towel and my blending brush cleaned most of it off.

Tonight I’m off to my Mum’s so once I get back home I’m going to do very little (one little bit of blending I forgot about whilst fiddling this morning) other than having an early night.  Tomorrow’s tasks largely revolve around finishing the green stuffing on the cloak and doing the little bits on the base.  Because I’ve got lots of little bits and bobs to do, this should lend itself to doing a portion on the cloak and then some on the base whilst the green stuff dries and repeating.  It’s a very high task but I’d love to get the cloak finished by the time I go to bed.  My concern is that I’ve barely done a third and probably spent 20 hours on it (though that’s a rough guess).  I’m hoping though that having a really concerted effort might mean that I actually get considerably more done, plus I have from when I get up (likely 8.30ish) until I hit the sack which I’m happy to be midnight and gone.


The Best Laid Plans…

Unsurprisingly my “perfect weekend of painting” ended up not so perfect.  Due to numerous phone calls, chores and other interruptions I lost around 7 hours worth of painting time.  I also managed to balls up the application of the larger custom decals – I should have gone with my gut instinct and gloss varnished first.  I can “recover” this and the overall effect will be fine, I’m just really annoyed with myself.  I think I was trying to rush as I was a bit behind.  Oh well, not a lot that can be done now.

I didn’t get any work done on the base at all, but did manage to get gloss varnish on nearly all of the Dreadnought sub-assemblies.  I still have the head to do, but want to do the eyes first.  Sponge weathering begun this morning (before I left for work) and actually is starting to make the whole thing come together.

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Custom Decals

For some reason I woke up this morning at 6.10am.  It’s not a time I’m particularly fond of as it means that I should be asleep for another 35 ~ 60 minutes.  However as I lay in my small 1/5th of the bed (it’s a ladies prerogative to utilise 80% of a mattress regardless of size) it dawned on me that in order to apply decals on Saturday and gloss varnish on Sunday I actually needed to have the custom decals in my hand…  Ooops.  So at 6.20am I was sat in front of my computer playing with Adobe InDesign and with a bit of tweaking at lunch I have produced an A4 sheet with a variety of different decals that can be used.  I’ve ensured that I’ve done multiple copies and a variety of sizes as you can never be 100% sure what size you actually need until you go to put the decal in place.

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