A Few Changes


It’s been a little time coming, but I’ve begun to make a few odd changes and a clean and polish, in an attempt to liven up the blog a little bit.  Scarily I’ve been posting bits up for the past three years and although there have been odd hiatuses on the whole it’s been quite successful and I’m getting a fairly regular number of readers.

So I’ve decided to give the blog a bit of an overhaul and to begin to use it to muse on various aspects of the hobby both good and bad.  Over the past day I’ve put on links to some of the blogs that I try and check relatively frequently and will aim to get the 80-odd photos I took at Games Day up.

One of the biggest changes I’m going to (try and) make is to split my normally epic-length posts into more manageable chunks.  What this will mean is that rather than get a post that talks about a specific project, another piece of painting and a really cool technique I’ve discovered, you’ll get three posts instead, so you can choose to read what interests you.

Finally I’ll get more eye candy up – even if it’s only vaguely relevant like the lady polishing a table to the right 😉

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