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Unsurprisingly my “perfect weekend of painting” ended up not so perfect.  Due to numerous phone calls, chores and other interruptions I lost around 7 hours worth of painting time.  I also managed to balls up the application of the larger custom decals – I should have gone with my gut instinct and gloss varnished first.  I can “recover” this and the overall effect will be fine, I’m just really annoyed with myself.  I think I was trying to rush as I was a bit behind.  Oh well, not a lot that can be done now.

I didn’t get any work done on the base at all, but did manage to get gloss varnish on nearly all of the Dreadnought sub-assemblies.  I still have the head to do, but want to do the eyes first.  Sponge weathering begun this morning (before I left for work) and actually is starting to make the whole thing come together.

My other half has a late night this evening (9pm before she gets in) so I have got a solid chunk of uninterrupted time when I get in.

Tonight’s plan:

  1. Paint eye lenses on head.  Green with a yellow spot reflection.  Gloss varnish the head.
  2. Paint the rubbed piping on the Dreadnought body.  I’m going to do this Charadon Granite and highlight with dawnstone.
  3. Finish sponge weathering.
  4. Touch up metals that have been sponge weathered.  This sadly is unavoidable with this technique.
  5. Light gloss varnish.
  6. Edge highlights.
  7. Paint all bone areas (P3 Battlefield Brown > P3 Menoth White Base).
  8. ‘Golden’ oil wash onto geared elements.
  9. Glue arms and then head into place.
  10. Wash metallics?

It is quite a bit of work overall, especially painting the bone which is going to need quite a few smooth layers, but if I get on with it as soon as I get in, I believe it’s achievable.

Tomorrow evening plan (currently):

  1. Oil weathering on Dreadnought (blu tack onto base to get direction correct).
  2. Paint fiddly bits on base.
  3. Touch up grey on base.
  4. Gloss varnish base.

My biggest concern is that it is my intention to black line and black wash the metal areas with oil paint.  Where I may have an issue is that the weathering oils may mingle with this and make it look crap.  There are few potential solutions, I could oil weather those bits this evening (adding to work load tonight), I could use regular GW washes or I could take a chance.  I’m currently verging towards using GW washes on just the metal areas as I think this would give the effect I want and guarantee the oil paint won’t interfere.

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