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Well the Dreadnought has progressed quite significantly since my last post.  Pretty much all of the main airbrush work has been completely (with the exception of a few touch ups) and I’m fully onto brush work now.  True to form this isn’t going as quickly as I would like although some of that can be attributed to the fact that this week has been a complete nightmare on actually sitting down with free time.  Despite originally planning 3 evenings work I have achieved the sum total of an hour although tomorrow I have from around 8pm and all weekend as my other half is away for the whole weekend.

As you can see from this pic, I have finally found a decent colour for the shoulder pads and knee pad.  This is actually the colour I originally wanted but somehow didn’t get.  What it has meant is that I’ve had to purchase a set of Logan Grimnar Company decals as the great wolf symbol I had in black was too dark for this much deeper colour and this transfer set has white versions of this symbol.

I also took the opportunity to purchase a pot of Balthasar Gold which is a coppery colour that looks great with a shade of brown and highlight of Runelord Brass (which I didn’t buy – doh!) comes out as a very convincing brass colour and most importantly is quite easy (which is good when time is pressing).

One thing I need to do is to ensure that I allocate my time effectively.  Ido have enough time to get this finished without rushing, but need to be sensible else I can easily end up doing things in the wrong order.  The cloak needs a lot of work as it’s only 1/3rd sculpted.  The dreadnought needs all of the metallics base coated, shaded, highlighted.  I need to do edge highlights on all parts and then apply decals, then sponge weathering.  Then a coat of gloss varnish (needs a day of dry time).  Oil weathering (48 hours dry time), finally matt varnish.  The base needs stone elements painted, little bits (gun, wires, etc) gloss varnish (needs a day of dry time), weathering powders, matt varnish.  Finally the cloak needs sculpting (still only doing half an hour at a go to avoid messing things up) and then painting – although most of this will be done with an airbrush.

Quite a lot – however I have a five complete days and most evenings next week to get this done 😀

So I think the following (this does include regularly injecting periods of cloak fur)

Fri (eve) – Dreadnought metallics

Sat -Buy pot of Runelord Brass paint.  Dreadnought: metallics + extra shading + edge highlighting + decals + sponge weathering (and a few pigments)

Sun – Glue dreadnought together (and any bits not quite done) + details on Base + gloss varnish Dreadnought

Mon (eve) – Base: any remaining bits + gloss varnish

Tue (eve) – Oil weathering on Dreadnought

Thu – Matt varnish Dreadnought + pigments on Base

Fri – Undercoat & airbrush Cloak + matt varnish Base + snow effect

Sat – Mostly spare, but assemble Base, Dreadnought and Cloak if not already done.

Sun – Golden Demon!

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