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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m itching to do some ‘traditional’ painting – i.e. using a brush and not airbrush and weathering techniques.  To this end I have in my possession one of the lovely plastic Chaos Lord models from the Dark Vengeance boxed set.  I picked this up for the bargain price of a fiver (that’s £5).  The model is a lovely piece of work and despite the amount of detail is only five pieces – backpack, cloak & shoulders, body and two arms.

In principal it’s a fairly simple paint job, made more straightforward by the host of reference pictures.

Last night I began to tidy the model up.  There are a couple of quite awkward mold lines, especially on the gauntlets but a bit of care and attention with a crafting knife sorted these out, though careful attention was paid to ensure that I didn’t hack away any of the ‘pointy’ armour banding.  I was originally hoping to paint this model as a single entity but upon further inspection if I do this then I’ll loose access to the parts of the armour and inner cloak.  To this end I’m going to have a number of assemblies: Cloak & Backpack; Sword; Body.  I need to look at the fit of the gun arm to see where that can be attached to as I’d rather restrict myself to three components rather than four.

I’m hoping that tonight I’ll get the tidying finished and a coat of black undercoat on it – although that depends on if the weather eases up as it’s not long ago started raining (it’s tipping it down).

Now for a little gripe.  I’ve ordered a small collection (13) of the new Citadel paints from Wayland on Monday, around 3.30pm, and although there was a free postage option I decided to pay the extra £3.25 for first class delivery, so my net saving was only £3.15.  Although I wasn’t expecting the paints to be despatched on Monday, I was expecting them to have been despatched by 4.30pm on Wednesday.  I suppose there is still time today, but it’s looking like I’m not going to get my delivery until Friday.  This isn’t the first time either, my last order took around a week before it was sent – come on Wayland, I’ve supported you from almost the beginning, if Games Workshop can despatch things within 48 hours I reckon you can at least match that!

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