I’ve always felt like my blog is a little bit like a Phoenix in that it randomly burns brightly and then vanishes for months on end.  I’m not going to apologise for that, although it sounds a little strange, running a blog takes a surprising amount of time and effort, and that is time that I would otherwise be spending painting or doing other hobby.  However after a few years not touching it, in 2023 I have decided to resurrect things again, using (this time) an off the shelf WordPress theme and as such letting somebody else do the tedious design work…

Broadly speaking this blog will contain pretty much anything related to my miniature and wargaming hobby that I fancy writing about – If things pan out, there may even be guest posts for a bit of variety.  Specifically for me, my miniature and wargaming focus is largely Games Workshop related games and miniatures and has been for the past 30+ years.  From Warhammer 40,000 through to Age of Sigmar and beyond, I’m what you would call heavily invested in “the hobby”.

It wouldn’t be a proper About page without touching a bit on my non-hobby self.  I work as a senior web developer for a company that sells healthcare and nursery supplies, where I manage a small team of developers and together we look after the companies ecommerce site and other systems.  It’s not quite as glamorous as being a film director or neurosurgeon, but ensuring that care homes can get their PPE supplies and children’s nurseries and schools can get their arts and crafts materials is surprisingly rewarding in its own way – plus quite a few things we sell have direct hobby uses!

As mentioned, I’ve been in the miniature hobby for over 30 years now and managed to accomplish various achievements over those years, including picking up a Gold Golden Demon in 2018 with my Knight Porphyrion.  It’s something I hope to repeat one day if I’m truthful, but only time will tell!  Other things I’ve done include creating a Warscroll Designer for Age of Sigmar that allows you to create your own warscroll cards, very much crossing the streams of work and hobby.  I’ve recently begun to teach myself 3d sculpting, something that I’ve wanted to do for some years now but never had the time to learn – I’m sure that with the updated blog online, it won’t be long before I start to write about my journey in that area.