This blog is my second attempt to begin a blog, to chronicle and document the various fantasy painting and modelling projects that I undertake along with musings on tabletop gaming.  My first blog was crippled after being subjected to hundreds of spam attacks advertising to increase the size of parts of your anatomy or offering to show videos of acts between multiple people that wouldn’t be family viewing (if you catch my drift).  Thankfully technology has come on and WordPress now holds all comments and has a wonderful spam filter.

I mainly paint Games Workshop miniatures, so me saying this is a ‘fantasy’ blog is a little misleading as most things you’ll find here will be Warhammer Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40,000 (aka 40K).  However you may find odd random posts on here on other lines or manufacturers.

I am currently employeed as a Web Developer for a medium sized Healthcare Wholesaler in Wiltshire, starting off my working life in Engineering and over the course of a four year apprenticeship time ending up in I.T. My main area of speciality is Application Development with a bias towards Web Applications.  As with many people who work with computers I have always been interested in the fantasy genre in it’s various guises.  For me, it provides an essential form of escapism, which stops my brain from becoming too boggled with the real world.

I’ve been messing with fantasy miniature’s since 1992(ish), but it’s only since around 2005 that I’ve actively sought to improve my skills.  Leaving the family home and purchasing my own house in July 2010 has meant that I can commit more time to doing this.  Over the last few years, new paint lines, increased access (via the Internet) to tutorials and videos, and easier access to strange product lines (e.g. green stuff) have resulted in a huge boom in quality and made miniature painting truly an artform in it’s own right – despite still being seen as playing with toy soldiers.

Armed with this new knowledge, better paints and good quality brushes I one day hope to increase my standard from ‘above average’ to ‘below professional’.  Although calling myself above average may seem like I’m blowing my own trumpet, I justify this by the fact that although I am not yet able to churn out little masterpieces with every brush stroke, I also am not rubbish like quite a few people are…