Dirty, Dirty, Dreadnought


I’m still running behind my ‘schedule’ but by going to bed at 2.30am last night (technically this morning) meant that I got all of the oil washes onto the dreadnought which means by the end of tomorrow they’ll be dry enough for me to varnish.  I also ‘drybrushed’ black and brown oil paint onto the gun barrel and it’s come out absolutely fantastic and toned that part of the model so that it actually matches the rest of the body.  The only annoyance I had was that I’d not re-varnished the red knee pad with transfer so I almost messed that up with the white spirit in the oil wash.  Thankfully despite being after midnight I did some very speedy poking with a clean brush and you’d not know that it had ever happened.  The only other thing that was almost a disaster was that the head didn’t actually glue into place with the tiny drop of epoxy I used so fell off – straight into the mix of oil paint :s  As the head had been varnished some deft work with kitchen towel and my blending brush cleaned most of it off.

Tonight I’m off to my Mum’s so once I get back home I’m going to do very little (one little bit of blending I forgot about whilst fiddling this morning) other than having an early night.  Tomorrow’s tasks largely revolve around finishing the green stuffing on the cloak and doing the little bits on the base.  Because I’ve got lots of little bits and bobs to do, this should lend itself to doing a portion on the cloak and then some on the base whilst the green stuff dries and repeating.  It’s a very high task but I’d love to get the cloak finished by the time I go to bed.  My concern is that I’ve barely done a third and probably spent 20 hours on it (though that’s a rough guess).  I’m hoping though that having a really concerted effort might mean that I actually get considerably more done, plus I have from when I get up (likely 8.30ish) until I hit the sack which I’m happy to be midnight and gone.


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