Wayland Let Me Down Again


I mentioned in an earlier post that I had ordered 13 paints from Wayland on Monday.  That post was made on Wednesday and I had a bit of a moan that they’d not been dispatched.  I’ve been checking fairly regularly to see when they were likely to be dispatched as I really wanted them so that I could do some painting this weekend, well about twenty minutes ago (14:50) I looked and the status of my order has gone from “Processing” to “Awaiting Stock”…

So let me get this right, it’s taken Wayland pretty much 4 whole days to work out that they didn’t have enough pots of paint in stock to complete my order.  I’m sorry but that is quite frankly taking the mickey.  Its not like I’m ordering something particularly rare or unusual, just a few pots of paint.  Although I was saving some money (the princely sum of £3.15) I was ordering from Wayland because I like to put a bit of trade their way and because I thought I might have had a reasonable turn around.  As it is I might as well just not bothered with that tiny saving and ordered directly from Games Workshop.

I think what adds insult to injury is that I’ve not even received an e-mail telling me they’re waiting for stock, I had to check on their ridiculously slow “My Account” system.

I know that on the 8th, Wayland are implementing a live stock function which will avoid the out of stock issue I’ve had with my last two orders.  Wayland seriously need to improve their packing and despatch times though, Amazon can turn an order round within 24 hours and although I accept that Wayland aren’t in the same league, I consider 48 hour’s to pick and pack an order should be achievable for any company that doesn’t manufacture their own goods.

As you can imagine, I’ve just cancelled the order with Wayland as I’ve not got any idea of when the new stock will arrive.  What I’ll likely do is to borrow the paint from a friend and then head into town tomorrow morning and see what paints my local stock has.

Naggaroth Nightshade – 6
Daemonette Hide – 7
Incubi Darkness – 12
Screamer Pink – 30
Slaanesh Grey – 47
Sotek Green – 54
Thuhnderhawk Blue – 88
Pink Horror – 95
Sycorax Bronze – 102
Agrax Earthshade – 115
Nuln Oil – 116
Fuegan Orange – 106

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