The Arms

I had today off, but went off to The Hawk Conservancy today and had a very nice relaxing day there, chinese takeaway for tea and have just chilled this evening.  However (and onto the subject of the post), I’ve decided that due to time constraints that neither arm will be clad with the ribbed plasti-card.  Current thinking is that I’ll ‘edge’ the shoulder blocks with the plastic strip I have – perhaps thicker card on one side than the other.  I am still going to do the conversion for the heavy bolter arm though.

I’ve also just won a rivet mold – basically you heat up a piece of plastic sprue and ram it into the metal mold.  Then when cooled, you cut the rivet off the sprue and glue it on.  Not sure how it will work, but £5 is worth a trial.

Stompy, stompy, smash

I ordered the bits to make up a Chaos marine last week and these arrived on Thursday.  Have just done minor tidying and blue tacked the pieces together to make a mock of the whole Dreadnought.  Still needs a lot of work, but personally I think that it’s going to end up being very nice piece.  I’ll put the photo of the mock at the bottom of this post.  There is a larger gap than I expected around the waist, so a few wolf pelts are going to have to be added to disguise it.  As I said on an earlier post, I’m aiming to have three basic assemblies – the Dreadnought, the giant fur and the base.  I’m going to get the Dreadnough torso finished and attached to the legs and then will sculpt the fur again, as I’m not happy with the actual one I’ve done – though the exercise did prove the principal of what I wated to do.

Yes that is a tank in the background.

Where I’m at

A few days without a post, which is somewhat remiss of me.  Basically I’ve been messing around painting the couple of tanks that I’ve airbrushed the other day.  A few reasons for this.  Firstly it means that I can go back to my Dreadnought nice and refreshed, secondly it has been a bit of R&D into how I can paint the Dreadnought.  Pretty much perfected the colouring and shading of the armour now.  Highlighting I know in principal, but I need more practice, although you have less large panels on a Dreadnought than a tank.

Airbrushing is also a much smaller task than I originally was envisaging, so I’m not quite as hung up on having such a large block of time for it.

I’ve decided that I need to review my overall timeline as well.  I’m out tonight, possibly tomorrow and Thursday this week, I have computer work to do this weekend and am away between next Thursday and the Monday (5 days).  When I get back I have 3 full weekends and then a Saturday with Games Day on the Sunday.  What I’m going to have to do, is to use every evening I have at home to try and get the thing assembled.  I’d ideally like the 3 full weekends to get the painting done, but time will tell on that.

Shading and Stuff

I was late home last night, so rather than get into anything major, I experimented shading and highlighting a cupola that I had airbrushed on Monday.  I used heavily thinned Citadel Washes for the shading, two to three parts water to one part wash.  First off I applied Asurmen Blue to parts of the model that would naturally be in the shadow, it dries much smoother than I realised, so the effect was a bit too subtle to be honest.  Next up Gryphon Sepia went into any areas that would naturally collect water if it rained – so in crevaces, around rivets and such like.  This was finally followed by Devlan Mud, but concentrating on the deeper areas I’d shaded with the Sepia.  Highlighting, I decided that I’d not drybrush it.  I know that I’m likely making a rod for my own back, but I don’t like the fact that you have no control over drybrushing and the end effect can look very chalky.  So I used thinned Fortress Grey and then thinned Astronomican Grey as the two highlights.  Astronomican Grey seems to dry out and go crappy so I may have to try a wet pallette for that next time.

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Yesterday I was able to gain access to the garage at home (there’s normally a car in there), so rather than waste my time as the Dreadnought was ready yet, I experimented with my new Iwata HP-C Plus airbrush.  This bit of kit is worth it’s weight in gold.  The control you have over laying paint onto a surface is fantastic, although I still have a lot left to learn – including how to hold the thing without getting cramp in your hand.  I experimented with a Vindicator and Rhino tank that I had and tried a technique called ‘Salt Weathering’.

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The Weekend

So yesterday was my self imposed deadline – which I managed to miss fairly significantly.  I spent pretty much all of Saturday trying to get everything up to a point where I could spray it yesterday, 15 hours of modelling, much of it with a headache.  The legs are now complete and have in-fact been primed PlastiKote grey spray.  In addition to acting as a primer the colour highlights any potential problems and imperfections in filling and similar.  The torso has come on leaps and bounds, but I was scuppered by trying times of milliput.  It appears that there is no way of speeding up the drying time of a milliput/green stuff mix 🙁  Leaving it in the hot sunlight actually made no difference sadly, so it’s at least 12 hours before I can work on it.

Running Totals: Time – ~ 55 Hrs; Cost – £38.92

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It appears that I have two parcels waiting for me at home.  One I think must be my pillar drill as it was despatched yesterday via fedex.  My pin vices arrived yesterday (fantastic for only £2.30), so the only thing that I think it can be is my ForgeWorld order 😀

This is fantastic as it actually means that I should stand a chance of getting the cloak shape created this weekend.  Currently it appears that I potentially have all of tomorrow to do modelling, so I’m going to have to structure my time carefully.  Plastic cement dries fully in 4 hours give or take, green stuff can be artificially cured in an hour (actually less, but I like to air on the side of caution), milliput and the milliput/green stuff mix I use, I like to give overnight to dry.

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Razor Saw + Finger = Ouch

Just a short post as I’ve just caught my finger on the edge of my razor saw and it’s chuffing painful.

Update: So I now have a plaster on my finger and it’s not inclined to split open and drip blood at the slightest pressure 🙂  As you can see the legs are almost complete.  I didn’t manage to get the last bits of guitar wire cut as I decided to watch a bit of telly and then slice my finger open.  I think that the base looks pretty good as well 🙂

Running Totals: Time – ~ 40 Hrs; Cost – £38.92

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