The Weekend


So yesterday was my self imposed deadline – which I managed to miss fairly significantly.  I spent pretty much all of Saturday trying to get everything up to a point where I could spray it yesterday, 15 hours of modelling, much of it with a headache.  The legs are now complete and have in-fact been primed PlastiKote grey spray.  In addition to acting as a primer the colour highlights any potential problems and imperfections in filling and similar.  The torso has come on leaps and bounds, but I was scuppered by trying times of milliput.  It appears that there is no way of speeding up the drying time of a milliput/green stuff mix 🙁  Leaving it in the hot sunlight actually made no difference sadly, so it’s at least 12 hours before I can work on it.

Running Totals: Time – ~ 55 Hrs; Cost – £38.92

The torso has now been fully edged and I should be able to trim the filling I did yesterday morning.  The sarcophagus bit has been created from the lid of a nasal spray and bit of plastic tube.  I have decided to try and use the plastic powerplant, but with the exhaust’s cut off.  I’ve sculpted the rough shape of the skin and that is ready to be sanded smooth and the fur sculpted on.  Fingers crossed that it doesn’t look shit.

I have also made a big decision.  Although I want to paint each piece of the Dreadnought as a separate assembly, the coiled wire I am using to hide the arm joint really needs to be glued in place, both on the torso and arm.  Because of the nature of super glue, this will (no questions) stuff up the paint work on anything around it due to the fumes.  As such it make sense to glue the arms onto the torso.  There seems little benefit to not glue the legs onto the torso in light of this.  As such I think that with other time commitments the whole Dreadnought could be ready for paining on the 23rd (couple of weeks).  This will give me 3 full weekends and about 5 week’s worth of evenings to get it actually painted – which is by comparison a much more straight forward task.

Now although it sounds like yesterday was a waste of time, it was actually productive in another way.  I primed the leg assembly and nothing horrific made itself visible for starters.  I forgot that this primer also takes at least a day to set solid, so this will easily be ready for undercoating whenever I choose to do that.

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