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A few days without a post, which is somewhat remiss of me.  Basically I’ve been messing around painting the couple of tanks that I’ve airbrushed the other day.  A few reasons for this.  Firstly it means that I can go back to my Dreadnought nice and refreshed, secondly it has been a bit of R&D into how I can paint the Dreadnought.  Pretty much perfected the colouring and shading of the armour now.  Highlighting I know in principal, but I need more practice, although you have less large panels on a Dreadnought than a tank.

Airbrushing is also a much smaller task than I originally was envisaging, so I’m not quite as hung up on having such a large block of time for it.

I’ve decided that I need to review my overall timeline as well.  I’m out tonight, possibly tomorrow and Thursday this week, I have computer work to do this weekend and am away between next Thursday and the Monday (5 days).  When I get back I have 3 full weekends and then a Saturday with Games Day on the Sunday.  What I’m going to have to do, is to use every evening I have at home to try and get the thing assembled.  I’d ideally like the 3 full weekends to get the painting done, but time will tell on that.

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