It appears that I have two parcels waiting for me at home.  One I think must be my pillar drill as it was despatched yesterday via fedex.  My pin vices arrived yesterday (fantastic for only £2.30), so the only thing that I think it can be is my ForgeWorld order 😀

This is fantastic as it actually means that I should stand a chance of getting the cloak shape created this weekend.  Currently it appears that I potentially have all of tomorrow to do modelling, so I’m going to have to structure my time carefully.  Plastic cement dries fully in 4 hours give or take, green stuff can be artificially cured in an hour (actually less, but I like to air on the side of caution), milliput and the milliput/green stuff mix I use, I like to give overnight to dry.

So I have tonight, Saturday and a little bit of Sunday to plan…  I still am unsure that I’ll get everything done in time for airbrushing but am going to give it a damned good go!.


Curved belly plate for torso – including area for ‘head’ (mind fingers)
Edge torso armour plates
Attach powerfist to arm

Saturday (Day):

Fix left arm spindle to torso
Position, bend, etc, right arm spindle
Guitar wire on legs
Wolf pelts onto legs
Spray legs with grey primer (and check for missing smooth spots)
Rivet all

Saturday (Night):

Sculpt skin for fur pelt

Sunday (First Thing):

Spray of grey primer


Undercoat black
Airbrush practice
Create molds for powerplant and head

If Time

*Edge arm armour plates
*Right arm construction
*Armour cladding on left arm (green stuff press + strips)

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