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I have very nearly finished the leg assembly.  The picture in the last post was taken just after I added in a piece of brass guitar wire (which seemed to take ages to bend to the right shape).  The 60mm bases I ordered from GW arrived so I was able to cut the cork to the wolf shape I wanted and glue it in place with PVA.  I need to fill the edges with polyfiller or similar, but the actual effect is pretty good.  This meant that I was able to glue the pins and the left leg in place, which after checking this morning has set solid.  I have to clean up any mess made by glue (which generally can’t be avoided), then add two pieces of guitar wire and fix the ball joint that joins the legs to the torso.  I need to drill a hole and attach a pin for the purpose of painting, but that’s it.

Running Totals: Time – ~ 36 Hrs; Cost – £38.92

I have an evening to myself today, so can sit in my office workarea and do ‘messy’ things such as cutting the pipe for the torso and bending the pipe that the arm mount will go on.  I will also try and get the remaining guitar wire cut and bent as I prefer to not have little bits of brass wire pinging across the living room.  I should then be in the position where I can re-assess where I am.  I still don’t think that the torso is going to be ready for Sunday however.

Who knows – I might even get an update done on the blog tonight 🙂

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