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So I managed to get the right knee join pinned, glued and filled last night.  I used pure Green Stuff for the fill, as it’s more suited for the kind of gap that was created.  Also the trick of using a Milliput and Green Stuff mixture is that you sand it to get a perfect finish, where as Green Stuff settles slightly as it sets.  Due to the location it would have been difficult to sand, so careful Green Stuff’ing made best sense.  Super gluing the pin was a work of art in itself as it just didn’t want to stick – plus my mates superglue was crap, far too thick and uncontrollable even with a brush.  However I persevered and the end result appeared to be OK last night.

I ordered a pillar drill stand yesterday for my dremel (which was dispatched today).  Extravagant I know, but I think its actually worth it in the long run.  Plus I can use it when I eventually get round to creating a Knight Panther.

I have also taken the plunge and ordered a ForgeWorld Dreadnought.  I’m going to cast up copies of the head and powerplant and as such will still have a complete model to paint.  I can choose to sell this, keep it or do whatever I please.  I’ll use the original ones for this Dreadnought however!

Running Totals: Time – ~ 33 Hrs; Cost – £38.92

I’m not 100% sure what I should be working on tonight as to be honest I’ve still got a lot to do and I’m not prepared to rush any of it.  I also have a number of items that I need to make decisions on.  I’m tempted to do a couple of bits that I know I need to do and aren’t dependant on anything else.  The inner tube for the arm needs to be cut and I want to bend the tubes ready for the arm’s to be secured on.  The best way of doing this involves heating up tube over a candle 🙂  Once that is done I can see what I have to work with for the shoulder joint.  That should be a pretty straight forward couple of bits to do.  I need to bend some more guitar wire for the pipes that join the legs to the pelvis, again a job that needs no pre-planning.  I do need to work on the base and then the left leg can be glued into place and I can spend some time finishing that off.  The base shouldn’t be too much hassle as I know what I want to do in principal.  If I can mock up what I’m thinking of, then the left leg can be glued and the final base fixed around that.

Currently I’m not working on the arms very much.  I felt that I was trying to do too many things and not making very much progress on any of it.  The arms can be treated as completely separate models so these made sense to put to one side until the torso and legs are done.

At this point in time I don’t think I’m going to hit my deadline of Sunday for the leg and torso assemblies.  I have to connect up a tumble dryer tonight, which is going to eat into my modelling time.  Tomorrow and Friday should be a straight run, but I don’t know about Saturday.  It’s important to at least get the basic fur skin shape sculpted before I actually put paint onto the model as I aim to grease the model to ensure that the skin doesn’t stick thus can be painted separately.  If I’ve painted the model up before I do this, then I run the risk of completely stuffing up the paint job when I clean the grease up.

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