#52wkhobby – Week 12 – Watchtower & a little break

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar WatchtowerI had a bit of a realisation on the weekend as I was finishing off my Watchtower over the weekend that I’d really been pushing myself to churn models out since Christmas, already clocking in well over 200 hours worth of hobby so far.  That’s pretty insane so this week I’m taking a little break and going “hobby light” with the focus being a bit of long overdue edge highlighting on 3 Mighty Skullcrushers.

This also means that on Saturday my hobby desk should be pretty clear for when the new Forgebane boxed set arrives.  My intention is to assemble everything in the box, so I don’t need to find somewhere to store it (and ultimately not touch it for months).

Last Weeks Hobby Targets – Watchtower

  • Grey stones
  • Wood
  • Doors

Happy to say that I’ve completed everything I set in my hobby targets last week and also on the little toilet type building and connecting piece that you can use between the watchtower and chapel models to make up the fortified manor.  In fact the only two items that are remaining are the tiled roofs, which I’ve not actually decided how I’m going to tackle yet.

I’m actually really happy with how the watchtower has come out, as I largely made it up as I was going along!  I’ve taken loads of work in progress shots as it’s my intention to write a tutorial for this at some point so that anybody who wishes to replicate this can do.

This Weeks Hobby Targets

As I said in my opening paragraph, I’m taking this week off of hobby targets – something I may well repeat a few times a year to give me a breather.  I’ve grabbed some half-assembled Skitarii and the Mighty Skullcrushers I part painted for last years Blackout!, so I’ve a few things that I can tinker with rather than wasting the time, but will be largely not pushing myself too hard.

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