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Scarily a very quick browse on Games Workshop’s website earlier on and I’ve actually decided on what I’m going to do as my Golden Demon entry (and bought it too).  Purely by chance a Eldar Wraithlord model popped up in the “have you looked at” box.  The basic GW one is very plain and stood bolt upright, however mooching around on the internet, as with the Space Marine Dreadnought, with careful use of a saw and knife, the model becomes infinatly convertable.  Lots of medium sized panels for both airbrush and brush work, scope for freehand and a bit of conversion to make the pose dynamic.

The thing that really is taking me is that I’m only going to have to spend out for the actual model in the first place (£22.16 from Wayland) and I have to purely use that and any components I have at home.  Also I could get away with purely airbrushing the whole model, so there really isn’t any valid excuse not to get it into a state where it can’t be entered.  I think the most important bit when painting it is to pick a colour scheme that “pop’s” when you look at it.  Bone, white and black are all no-no’s as they’re difficult to paint and most importantly don’t have the pizaz that is needed for a GD entry.  Red is a possibility (which is also a bugger to paint).  I’ll have to do a  little bit of research and borrow the codex and see what leaps out.  Although I’m happy to do a bit of freehand, I really only want a subtle smattering as it’s time consuming and a mistake is glaringly obvious.

One thing that would look quite cool and isn’t often done, is mud and dust weathering, with perhaps some battle damage.  The basic concept is that all Eldar constructions are made from wraithbone, so doesn’t rust, tarnish or scratch.  However I see that damage would take ‘chunks’ out of the armour plating and expose a peachy, almost flesh colour underneath.  Doing this sparingly could add quite a unique effect to the model – especially if I can model broken edges as almost shard like.

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