#52wkhobby – Week 1 – Bloodthirster

#52wkhobby - Week 1 - BloodthirsterMy first #52wkhobby post, this one will be focusing on painting a bit more on a Bloodthirster of Khorne.


For a change the 1st January fell on a Monday this year, which makes my hobby week a rather convenient Monday to Sunday!

Week 1 – Bloodthirster

My Christmas project this year involved me starting to paint up a Bloodthirster that I assembled for a game in October 2016 – yes I’m slightly scared by the fact he’s been sat unused and unloved in a box for 14 months 😮  Because I want to keep the momentum going, my first week’s challenge is to get him painted up a bit further.

Available time wise, I’ve got 4 evenings and one afternoon, so that should be a pretty decent amount of time.

  • Finish the hooves
  • Repaint hoof claws + horns
  • Palid wych flesh edge highlights
  • Wyld Rider Red highlights on flesh
  • Quick matt varnish over everything
  • Drybrush wing membranes
  • Edge highlight metallics

Quite a decent stack of bits for my Bloodthirster – I’d also like to undercoat the armour panels and whip, but that’ll be dependent upon the 50 mile an hour winds dying down!

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