2018 Hobby Initiatives and Goals


2018 Hobby Initiatives

Happy New Year folks!  As is common for this time of year, social media is going a little crazy with 2018 hobby initiatives, so I thought I’d surmise them here and say which one I’m going to be doing.

2018 Hobby Initiatives – Hobby 500

The Hobby 500 initiative is a “new kid on the block” for 2018.  The rules are really simply – paint 500 models this year, any model, no matter what it’s current state is.  Once it’s had that finishing touch it counts as completed.  This seems to be one of the more popular initiatives that a lot of the Warhammer Community team are going to try and do.  Personally it’s a massive undertaking – I didn’t even hit triple figures last year!


2018 Hobby Initiatives – Hobby 365 (both versions)

Just to confuse matters, there are actually two hobby 365 initiatives.  First up, there’s the one from last year, where you aim to achieve 365 hours worth of hobby (painting and modelling) during the year.  Doesn’t make any difference what you’re painting or doing, just clock those hours up.

Secondly there’s a variation on hobby 500 where your target is 365 models rather than than 500.


2018 Hobby Initiatives – 52 Week Hobby

This initiative is basically the same as the #gw52 one in 2017, but given a bit of a refresh.  Basically each week you pick an achievable hobby goal for the next week – this can be anything hobby related from sorting out all of your paints to assembling and painting models.  You’re allowed two passes over the year if you need them.

This is likely what I’m going to try and do this year again

#52wkhobby & #paint52

2018 Hobby Initiatives – Painthammer 2018

This is another new initiative being run by JewelKnightJess and in it’s simplest form is a painting log which has a number of achievements in the same way you would for a computer game for things like entering Armies on Parade.


2018 Hobby Initiatives – Summary

I think it’s great to see lots of initiatives and goals being done by people and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we the momentum kept up throughout 2018.  What I would say is that if you don’t decide to pick up one of these initiatives, setting yourself some hobby goals is a really good way to enthuse yourself and keep that important momentum going – even more so if you can do it with some friends!

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