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My Space Wolves have progressed farther than they ever have done before – in fact as a painting .  Last night I finished gluing the sand on all of my assembled models and have popped them onto batton’s ready for undercoating (although I do need to do a tiny bit of green-stuffing on one Long Fang).  The models that had already been sanded have now been undercoated and had a Fenris Grey basecoat applied to all of them.  The only minor problem that I encountered is that I did most of them before the weekend and the rest after (I was away) and the bottle of Fenris Grey that I thinned down, needed a really good shake and few more drops of screenwash thinner.  Annoyingly I managed to start airbrushing one model before I realised and that turned out darker than expected, so has had to be re-undercoated and re-airbrushed.

Since last weekend I have also received the Venerable Dreadnaught and Razorback that I ordered from Wayland Games and discovered last night a brand new Rhino in my cupboard.  So overall I actually have four Rhino’s, two Razorback’s, a Vindicator and a Predator!  Oh along with a couple of Land Raiders 🙂  The model I intend to do for Golden Demon has also been despatched so I’m going to be good and pop the dread and tank into the cupboard else I’m going to be tempted to try and do all of them.

For a change I’ve got a couple of evenings in this week and will have some of the weekend, so ought to get time to get all of my Space Wolves to the same level and start work on chopping up the Wraithguard for my GD entry.  I’m going to try and go ‘production line’ for my Space Wolves and do painting one batton at a time (generally 5 models).  First step will be to black out any elements that don’t need to be the base colour (this in itself is quite a big task).  I’ll then basecoat the yellow, red and brass/bronze elements and can go into shading.  I’ll leave most of the weapons until later on and do any faces last.  I really should have left all the guns and heads off like I did with backpacks, but refuse to play with models without a head…  Also I think you need to attach the head in order to pose the model correctly.

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