Second Tester (and Third)

Second AttemptWell I’ve been trying to finish off a post for the past week but just don’t seem to have found the time – sorry!  The fact that the blog ate all of the entry on Tuesday didn’t help… I have however managed to get a bit painting in.  My second Death Guard tester went really well – however upon comparing it to various pieces of artwork and other painted miniatures I realised that it’s too dark and although there is depth, there isn’t enough “colour” and interest on the model, which results in it looking really quite bland and boring – as you can see!

To this effect I’ve started a third tester (an apothocary) and gone with a white undercoat rather than a grey one.  The airbrushed layers have been exactly the same (Rakarth Flesh > Pallid Wych Flesh > Ceramite White) and the end result is much brighter and clean.  My next step is to paint the green (then sponge weathering) and metallic areas and then a quick coat of varnish so I can apply some washes.  With luck the washes will tone everything down sufficiently.  Rather than just flinging on a Nuln Oil wash, I’m going to thin it down 50/50 with water and apply it into the recesses and carefully apply over areas, then the same with Agrax Earthshade.  Fingers crossed it’ll all go OK!

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