New Theme!


Well I’ve finally got round to creating a custom theme for the blog and new logo.  I think the new look is a bit smarter and tidier and has a few extra bits and bobs behind the scenes so that it should view a little bit better on smaller format screens (such as tablets).  I’d like to sort the archives out so that they’re broken into years rather than a long stream of conciousness and the links need shunting towards the bottom and logo’s added where appropriate.  I’ve just also noticed that the advanced comment editor needs a tiny style tweak 😉

One thing I also what to do is to get a decent image behind the page top – a little diorama or some thing 🙂

I’ve also taken the decision to drop the Flickr feed.  A few reasons for this, the main being that I don’t paint quickly enough to justify having a whole feed dedicated to photo’s that might be added once in a blue moon.  One of the other reasons is that the app I have for updating the blog on my iPad allows me to take photo’s and directly add them to the blog.

I’ve you’ve any thoughts or ideas for the new theme or spot something that’s a bit knackered, drop me a comment 🙂

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