Rivet Wars


As a miniature painter/hobbyist, I am constantly bombarded with numerous game systems and alternative manufacturers products.  Some of them amazing and others not so.  One thing that has become increasingly popular over the past year or so is companies putting up game systems on Kickstarter (KS) which, if you’ve never come across it before, is a system where you can “support” a project by fronting up cash for it.  The project may not be released for some months but generally you end up with a lot more bang for your buck if you put in a suitably large contribution.

Just over a month ago, Kingdom Death released a lovely KS project for a dungeon based game with some simply amazing plastic miniatures.  Unfortunately as good a deal as it was, it was just too expensive, especially when you added postage into it.

However CoolMiniOrNot has just put up a KS project for a RTS board game called Rivet Wars.  This game is based in the First World War era but with a dash of steampunk thrown into the mix – so you’ve got steam powered tanks, gyro-bikes and horses :s  The actual troops are based on real world rivets, so have a cylindrical body and domed helmet.  It not only looks really good fun, but the game plays differently to others too.  Each turn you place more miniatures on the board so rather than building up an army to a fixed pointage, this is much more dynamic and strategic.  Check out the Rivet Wars link in my side bar to read up on the game a bit more.

The Rivet Wars project closes on the 4th of February and is due to be delivered around September time which actually means that it would come out of next months pay packet and not arrive until after the majority of my Death Guard were completed – I am really, really tempted!

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