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deathshroud1Every year Forge World do a Christmas jigsaw puzzle of one of the releases for the early part of next year.  There’s been some discussion about what it is, but they’ve just released the last piece and it’s Mortarion’s favoured – The Deathshroud.  And they’re lovely miniatures too, absolutely full of character and uniqueness.  They’re wearing custom Terminator armour (an regular Terminator armour – not Cataphractii) and are equipped with Power Scythes and hand flamers that are fixed onto their gauntlets rather than separately held ones.  Of course these can be upgraded to chem-weapons if you wanted…

The only thing I’m not keen on is the armoured front panel ‘loin cloth’ as the previous artwork has only ever shown leather straps like on the Cataphractii.  However I’m guessing the reason for this is so that the armour types looks suitably different.  I’m most certainly going to have a unit of these in my Death Guard army!


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