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I have now got and opened the Wraithlord model that I intend to convert & paint for Golden Demon 2011.  It’s a lot more delicate than I thought it was going to be in all honesty!  However it’s going to be a good model to enter.

I’ve gone over various ideas and have narrowed it down to a couple of firm ones.  I could go really traditional and just paint it craftworld colours, or I could convert it to a specific aspect path.

One thing that I have realised is that I’m going to have to do quite a solid paint job on this as historically there are quite a few of them entered and I believe it’s the Vehicle category it will be entered into as it is categorised as a ‘Walker’.  On a plus point, it’s relativly tall for it’s category – off the top of my head only the  Soul Grinder and new Dread Knight are as tall or taller.  Also Eldar allow you to use nice vibrant colours, rather than the drab ones most imperial armies have.  You can justifiably poke this onto a nice little plinth and add 50mm onto that height too – which you can’t really do for most entries in this category.

Looking into the various different aspects, the only two that I feel are achievable without having to buy extra bits (if you’ve followed this blog, I intend to not purchase any pieces beyond the basic boxed set).  That being Dark Reapers and Fire Dragon.  Technically I could do Shining Spear (which are generally mounted on jetbikes) by making it look like it’s running, but I feel that would just obscure a lot of the chest detail.  Dark Reapers, though tempted is basically black and bone which are dull colours (see above) plus I think a skull face on the ‘head’ could look naff if done poorly.  Fire Dragons could look nice providing I have the correct weapon in the box – basically yellow head with lava red armour edge highlighted to orange-yellow and shaded to brown-black.

However a basic craftworld colour may be the best way of doing it.  I’m still really tempted to convert one of the guns into the arm, rather than having it holding one (which looks really false).



A number of Wraithlord’s taken at GD2006
Striking Scorpion Wraithlord (winner GD2009)
Very nice freehand’d Wraithlord with army

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