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The weekend of gaming with my brother draws ever closer and I had my first opportunity last night to actually do some modelling (slotted between the washing).  Due to various work items and visiting my girlfriend I’ve not actually had an evening solely to myself since last Tuesday or Wednesday, so took the bull by the horns and baked a slab of Super Sculpey in the oven to do some more bases and started to tidy up torso pieces.  The Sculpey has cooked properly and is ready to be broken into shards for the purpose of making rocky bits on the bases.  However it is now that I have hit a little bit of an issue – I currently cannot find the bag full of bases that I have, which means that I actually cannot base anything – including my Rune Priest, Long Fangs and the extra troops I need :s  I’m hoping they’re at Mum’s but could be in for a bit of begging if they’re not.  Worst case scenario is that I have to persuade my girlfriend that we want to drive to Swindon next weekend to buy some – although it could be quicker to just order some on the GW website (it’s £2.55 for ten 25mm or five 40mm bases and over £10 is free delivery), it is exceptionally infuriating though!

I’m currently still struggling with what special weapons to use on my wolves.  I successfully popped off the flamer that I’d used on one of my Grey Hunter packs and the meltagun that I’d put onto my Skyclaws (which works out to be a very expensive weapon for a BS3 troop that suffers from the ‘Headstrong’ rule) and found out a few plasmaguns and now have two meltaguns (with the possibility of more from a friend).  As I’ve said in a previous post, it’s my intention to bulk out all of my packs to maximum numbers and then just pick what I want for each game, which means two special weapons per pack.

I’m currently thinking more favourably of plasmaguns (which I have plenty of).  Meltaguns will undoubtedly nuke whatever you aim them at, have an extra D6 of armour penetration and are strength 8 AP1 (and Assault weapons) – plasmaguns in comparison have strength 7 AP2 and are Rapid Fire but are double the price.  The biggest disadvantage is that a to hit roll of a 1 will inflict a wound on the model firing (although armour saves are always allowed), which could remove 25 points of model…  Ok, statistics for this happening: chance of rolling a 1: 1/6, chance of failing armour save: 1/3 – chance of death = 1/18 I’ve assumed you’re going to fail your wound roll, although this is actually a 5/6 chance rather than a 1/1.  Regardless it’s actually a very low chance, although it is very dependant upon the luck of the dice.  Overall plasmaguns are a good anti-infantry weapon, but not anti-mec and a balance of both are probably needed.

I think it’s likely going to be a case of tuning my army to focus on whatever I’m up against and the size of army.  My brother has a deamons army so had relativly little in way of vehicles (one Soul Grinder and that’s it, so 13/13/11 armour) so although there is a fair chunk of T5 models, I’ve not got anything I need really heavy weaponary for – and I think that the three lascannons and two missile launchers should give me enough firepower for that single target, plus meltaguns dotted in my Grey Hunters.  Thinking about it, I can’t actually recall if I have any powerfists in my army – not that I really want to get into combat with it…

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