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Well I managed to put together the last few Space Wolves and infact managed to magnetise the Lascannons on my Razorback in time to take with me to my brothers.  We managed to have three very good Warhammer 40,000 games, with me playing my Space Wolves and him playing his Daemons and have a much better understanding of both the rules and our armies.

I was relativly lucky in that I managed to win all three games, however in the grand scheme of things, if my brother were to increase the size of some of his units (as he is now talking about), I would be a lot harder pushed.  I do think that Daemons against ‘softer’ armies would be truly nails and I was lucky in that Power Armour is very good against most attacks.  My huge pack of Blood Claws was a lot better than I thought it was going to be  as it is large enough to tackle very close combat orientated squads and still have enough models left alive afterwards to hit back with a bucket of dice.  I will be changing the composition of my units and specifically the Wolf Guard leading them.  The Lascannon on my Razorback was a bit of a damp squib and in the last game I switched to Heavy Bolters, which was a lot more effective.  Overall my changes will likely be more weapon based than anything else.  The Wolf Guard leading my Blood Claws will also likely be downgraded to Power Armour with Storm Bolter and perhaps a power weapon.

The biggest thing that we discovered is that we need significantly more dice.  It wasn’t uncommon to be rolling thirty-odd dice in one and we were struggling to have enough dice or big enough hands…  So I’ve done a bit of investigation and will treat myself to some dice after payday 🙂  I’m looking at:

20 x 10mm Orange D6 @ £1.49 (+£1.00 P&P)
3 x 20 x 10mm White D6 @ £1.49 (+£0.50 P&P ea)

So that works out to be 80 dice for £8.46, which seems pretty reasonable to me.  The company is in the UK as well (rather than Hong Kong like some of the bits on eBay often are).  I’ll also talk to my brother as that company also sell 300 x 10mm White D6 for £20.00  There is another eBay seller where I could buy 5 different colours (20 of each) for £7.99 including P&P, but to be honest, I’d rather have one colour as I’ve got enough odd ones for what I need.  Also buying them like above, I could actually have a colour other than white (such as black 😉  And yes, if my Blood Claws charge I receive 58 dice from them and another 4 from my Wolf Guard…

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