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Since last Monday/Tuesday I’ve had a bit of a cold lurking, which on the one hand isn’t a surprise because there’s been a lot of germs flying around but also is because I rarely come down with anything.  However as is the case when I’m ill – it floored me Friday through to Sunday.  Monday I actually felt a little better but had to spend a chunk of time sorting out some eBay bits that I’d manage to sell over the weekend, but yesterday despite having a mountain of other stuff to do, I finally got some paint on!

I’ve not got any photo’s off what I did yet (it was 11.30pm when I stopped), but it’s made a huge difference to how the tank looks.  I started off with the two loose gun turrets and the main weapon, but quickly looking this morning and there are a couple of patchy bits that need touching up.

The mix I’ve ended up going with is 2 parts Denheb Stone and 1 part Bleached Bone (I’ll call this the Hull colour to keep things easy).  If I were mixing it again then I would probably put in a tiny part of Codex Grey as it’s quite pale.  However it does change colour depending upon the light it’s viewed under, overall it’s going to be fine, especially after it gets weathered using oil paints, which will add in browns, blacks and greens.  The hull colour does need quite a few coats to get decent coverage, but I am going to a very pale colour from a black undercoat so that’s not unexpected.  The really nice thing is that the paint is really smooth so isn’t gumming the airbrush up too often (unlike Fenris Grey).  It does occasionally spider but it’s easily blended.

Tonight I’ve got an opportunity to spend a few hours working on it, so intend to try and get as much with the hull colour on as possible.  Knowing how long the bits took last night, I know that the main body is going to take a very long time to do (we’re talking 10+ hours I reckon).  The metallic elements need to be done in different orders, for example, the treadplate in the back of the tank will need to be done before the inner wall element, where as the imperial aquilias needs to be done after the body.  By having to split the body up into chunks of airbrushing, these out-of-order bits can be done without the hassle of flicking between colours every five minutes.

Quite looking forward to getting into it – it’s been a while coming!

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