First Steps

I have now got and opened the Wraithlord model that I intend to convert & paint for Golden Demon 2011.  It’s a lot more delicate than I thought it was going to be in all honesty!  However it’s going to be a good model to enter.

I’ve gone over various ideas and have narrowed it down to a couple of firm ones.  I could go really traditional and just paint it craftworld colours, or I could convert it to a specific aspect path.

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Base Coating

My Space Wolves have progressed farther than they ever have done before – in fact as a painting .  Last night I finished gluing the sand on all of my assembled models and have popped them onto batton’s ready for undercoating (although I do need to do a tiny bit of green-stuffing on one Long Fang).  The models that had already been sanded have now been undercoated and had a Fenris Grey basecoat applied to all of them.  The only minor problem that I encountered is that I did most of them before the weekend and the rest after (I was away) and the bottle of Fenris Grey that I thinned down, needed a really good shake and few more drops of screenwash thinner.  Annoyingly I managed to start airbrushing one model before I realised and that turned out darker than expected, so has had to be re-undercoated and re-airbrushed.

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A Decision!

Scarily a very quick browse on Games Workshop’s website earlier on and I’ve actually decided on what I’m going to do as my Golden Demon entry (and bought it too).  Purely by chance a Eldar Wraithlord model popped up in the “have you looked at” box.  The basic GW one is very plain and stood bolt upright, however mooching around on the internet, as with the Space Marine Dreadnought, with careful use of a saw and knife, the model becomes infinatly convertable.  Lots of medium sized panels for both airbrush and brush work, scope for freehand and a bit of conversion to make the pose dynamic.

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Heavy Firepower

Well I had quite a successful weekend on my Space Wolves, despite rolling out the Sculpey I baked too thick, resulting in me having to bake another (thinner) piece.  I have now assembled and based (still need to be sanded) a Rune Priest in Terminator armour, four Long Fangs (two missile launchers and two lascannons) and a Long Fang Squad leader.  In my searching for the bases which I lost (which incidently, I’ve still lost but found some different ones), I also came across some more tactical marine components, five bikes and one and a half landspeeders – which will give me a squadron of three with the other bits I chanced across in a box.  Overall a pretty good discovery!

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Missing, presumed not there…

The weekend of gaming with my brother draws ever closer and I had my first opportunity last night to actually do some modelling (slotted between the washing).  Due to various work items and visiting my girlfriend I’ve not actually had an evening solely to myself since last Tuesday or Wednesday, so took the bull by the horns and baked a slab of Super Sculpey in the oven to do some more bases and started to tidy up torso pieces.  The Sculpey has cooked properly and is ready to be broken into shards for the purpose of making rocky bits on the bases.  However it is now that I have hit a little bit of an issue – I currently cannot find the bag full of bases that I have, which means that I actually cannot base anything – including my Rune Priest, Long Fangs and the extra troops I need :s  I’m hoping they’re at Mum’s but could be in for a bit of begging if they’re not.  Worst case scenario is that I have to persuade my girlfriend that we want to drive to Swindon next weekend to buy some – although it could be quicker to just order some on the GW website (it’s £2.55 for ten 25mm or five 40mm bases and over £10 is free delivery), it is exceptionally infuriating though!

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