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Well I had quite a successful weekend on my Space Wolves, despite rolling out the Sculpey I baked too thick, resulting in me having to bake another (thinner) piece.  I have now assembled and based (still need to be sanded) a Rune Priest in Terminator armour, four Long Fangs (two missile launchers and two lascannons) and a Long Fang Squad leader.  In my searching for the bases which I lost (which incidently, I’ve still lost but found some different ones), I also came across some more tactical marine components, five bikes and one and a half landspeeders – which will give me a squadron of three with the other bits I chanced across in a box.  Overall a pretty good discovery!

The other thing I also found was two missile launchers from the tactical marine boxed set.  These are the ones that have the shoulder pad molded into the missile launcher, which the rib of the shoulder pad isn’t molded correctly.  I actually have one of these on my current Long Fangs, which I’ll have to cover up with a green stuff wolf pelt.  It does mean that I have four of them now, which will allow me to have quite a versatile unit.  In fact I actually have eight heavy weapons in total so could technically have two squads of Long Fangs.

Thinking about it, I also put together a Grey Hunter with Plasmagun so with a bit of shuffling, have a full pack of ten Grey Hunters, with two Plasmagun’s and Wolf Guard with Storm Bolter to lead them.  The other pack is only four strong, so I need to put together another six.  I’ve also almost finished the last Blood Claw with Flamer, so that pack will also be maxed out following a tiny bit of filling on the torso – that will be one of tonights jobs.

I need to finish the Razorback I’m assembling and then will have all of the elements I need for a 1,000 point army.  I’m planning on ordering another Razorback tonight and a Dreadnought of some kind and will call that a day when it comes to my Space Wolves (ok, perhaps some more Wolf Guard in terminator armour).  I’ve got enough pieces to assemble probably another two full packs of  Grey Hunters, have a couple of Land Raiders, two drop pods, a predator, a vindicator, a squad of five Swiftclaws, a squadron of three landspeeders, an Iron Priest with servitors and another five Sky Claws with an Jump Pack Iron Priest (looking forward to that conversion).  Of course, the second wave Space Wolves haven’t been released yet so I might just be buying some more in the future 😉

I’ve just managed to pick up one of the new Blood Angel Dreadnought Blood Talon’s for £2, which will mean that I could actually create a Dreadnought that could be used as Bjorn the Fell Handed, with sensible use of magnets.  Looking at the old artwork and miniature, Bjorn basically has Space Wolf iconography (runes, trinkets, fangs etc), a big wolf pelt on his shoulder and back, a specific banner and rather than a power fist, has a lightening claw.  The iconography and pelts are pretty generic in reality, so it would just be a matter of making a changable banner and weapons, which I’d try to do anyway as it’s easier to transport without a banner and you really want the versitility of being able to use different weapons.  I think I’ll do a fancy base too and as with my 2009 ‘Demon entry, modify the legs so that it’s stood on something solid (rocks, rubble etc)

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