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And yet another month has flown past without me touching any modelling or painting.  My office has almost come together and I just need to fit some sliding shelves into one of the cuboards and put the doors on and all will be pretty much done.

I’ve largely resigned myself to the fact that I’m not going to get a Golden Demon entry done this year.  Between now and the 26th I have one weekend free, which may well be spent visiting my girlfriend as the weekend of Games Day is when I’d usually be visiting.  It’s a little gutting but having said that, it bodes well for next year as I’ll have got everything sorted and setup so that I can spend at least half an hour most evenings working on a project.

Although I do wish to build another Dreadnought, I’m going to have a go at building a Wolf Lord/Battle Leader in Terminator Armour.  In principal it’s quite straightforward using the new Wolf Guard Terminiator sprues, although I aim to heavily convert it – hopefully making it larger by bulking out the armour, giving them a custom built weapon and just generally making it look unique.  I guess I’ll have to choose what weapons he’s going to have as well, though it’s likely it’ll be fairly standard Frost Weapon & gun of some kind.  It’s also something that I can start off without having to buy anything else – bonus!

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