Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men


Despite my last post being in August and saying that I’ve almost got my office/modelling area finished, I’m only now coming close (yes it’s December next week).  I’ve got sliding shelves in one of the cupboards now and have almost brought over most of the stuff from Mum’s.  It’s just down to random bits and bobs now and gettings everything put into it’s correctly place.

On the painting front however I have in the last few weeks finally managed to sort out things generally and am trying to get at least an hour’s worth of painting in of an evening whilst watching a bit of telly.  I’ve been messing around with an Ogre from a half box I discovered when I moved and thoroughly enjoying it.  Not got loads done really, but doing painting as I am (little and often) I’m actually starting to get my eye back in.  With a bit of discipline I may actually improve my painting speed as well, which would be good.  I’m trying to really push my shadows and highlights as it’s something that I’m not that confident with doing.  Updates of the Ogre will (I hope) be forthcoming soon.

I’d love to get back into doing some more airbrushing, but going to do it one step at a time.  Doing ‘normal’ painting requires less electricity and although I’m not hard up (yet) it pays to be a bit thrifty this time of year.

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