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This weekend I finally got round to moving most of the ‘desk based’ items from my Mum’s house over to mine, so I potentially could actually start painting and modelling.  I also shifted across the Dreadnought that I did as last years GD entry and had a weird thought – how about having another go at doing what I did as my entry last year?  Randomly it’s almost exactly a year since I started my last entry so I know that the time frame isn’t too scary – plus my working environment is now much better and there is very little stopping me burning the midnight oil.  I learned a lot from last years entry so I feel that the actual construction process should be easier and dare I say it – faster…

Since last year, Games Workshop have released the Venerable Dreadnought kit, which means that I don’t need to purchase a Forgeworld dread in order to get the head I want.  I’m actually sorely tempted to base it on Bjorn the Fellhanded – although as GW no longer sell the old model it could well be destined for a new release between now and September.

I think that in comparison to what I did last time (lots of armour cladding), I’ll go for a more simplistic design with runes and norse style knotwork.  I’m also thinking of going for a non-symetrical design, to add a bit of flavour to the whole thing.  I also need to think about what enemy I wish to have as last time the Chaos Space Marine looked truly crap.  Thinking about it, I may actually start with the base rather than the model

On that note, I’m going to have to have a rummage around and start purchasing the components I want.

Useful Links:

New ForgeWorld Space Wolves Dreadnought – looks ace and I like the simple banding around the various details.

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