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Hobby ListI felt it was about time that I created myself a hobby list to give me a bit of well needed focus on my hobby following Armies on Parade.  I can’t take full credit for this as Alex Nygård created one for his backlog the other day!  On the subject of Armies on Parade, I have half written a round up to this years competition, but haven’t had an opportunity to pull the photos off my digital camera yet – expect this soon!

Constructing the list

Now there are many ways of tackling a hobby list.  Some people like to run things digitally, whilst others prefer a pen and paper approach.  For some, creating that list is as enjoyable as the hobby itself and they go into minuscule detail, listing each step they’re going to take along with a timescale on what they’d like to achieve when.  This time round I’ve tried to hit a bit of a half-way house.

Firstly this isn’t going to be a complete list of every project I’ve got at home, this would likely send me bonkers and somewhat scared at the amount of unpainted plastic and resin I’ve got at home (it’s not a list of shame after all).  Instead my hobby list will contain projects and models that I want to tackle in some form over the next year or so, likely tweaking as new releases appear.  First and foremost this will contain most of my half-completed projects.  Although I’ve managed to reduce quite a few of them this year, there are still a few that I need to pull my finger out and sort (mostly on my Space Wolves)

Next up, I’m including a number of models that I’ve not yet bought – crazy?  Probably, but it allows me to have a rough idea of things I know I want to do, such as the upcoming Necromunda release and some more models for my Destruction force.  I’ve then numerous other models including things like my Undead force and some more Ad Mech.

From a construction point of view I’ve created myself a spreadsheet which allows me to track my actual progress week by week.  I’ve split my tasks into “Assemble” and “Paint” as that’s how I tend to tackle my actual models.  These are weighted the same (which they’re not time-wise).  The spreadsheet tells me that if I wish to finish all of these items by next Christmas I need to achieve 4.39 model tasks per week – pretty high, but a good half of those tasks are assembly or small, which means I should be able to crack a portion of them out pretty quickly.  Some such as the skeletons can also be done en-masse.

My Hobby List

The completed hobby list


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