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So I’ve been bad and rather than sticking with the Wraithlord I was converting as a Golden Demon entry, have decided to go for another project.  Again it’s an “almost out of the box” miniature, but this time is actually Warhammer Fantasty rather than 40k.  The project however, I’m going to keep top secret for a number of reasons.  The biggest one is that it means that nobody can nick my ideas and do them better 😀  Another is that I won’t feel like I have to take photos every five minutes.  I shall be taking work-in-progress shots, but don’t need to take one every time I do something.

The model was purchased a couple of weeks ago and I have almost finished tidying the flash and mold lines and filling any gaps.  By the weekend everything should have received a black undercoat and any missed bits will be corrected and then I have exactly two months to get it painted.  It’s going to be quite tight as between now and the end of August I have exactly one weekend home to myself!  I’ve almost got into the habit of modelling until around 11.30pm now so am getting in around 2 hours of modelling most days.  Providing I can keep this up without killing myself through lack of sleep, it should give me enough time to get it all done, including a nice scenic base.

Watch this space…

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