Armies on Parade 2017 – The Big Day!


Armies on Parade 2017
So Armies on Parade 2017 has now come and gone, so thought I’d best write a blog post on how I did at the event.  Apologies on how late this post is!  Life has been a little manic over the past few weeks, but better late than never!

Armies on Parade 2017 – Warhammer Bath

As I’ve outlined previously, Warhammer Swindon decided to ban Forge World models from their Armies on Parade this year.  Thankfully a friend offered to take me to the Bath store instead, so I didn’t really know what to expect.  The Bath store is a single staff member store and not the biggest shop either, I’d also heard that past years some people had felt that a lot of votes were made for their friends rather than the board on display.

In total there were eight entries, which I felt was a pretty decent turn out.  I arrived not long after the store had opened and caused a bit of a stir when I started putting my Porphyrion onto my board.  I’m pleased to say that I managed to pick up both Best Painted and Best Monsters and Machines and from what the manager said, there really wasn’t a question.  To my mind this largely puts pay to the issue of votes for friends (I only knew two people who voted).

I’ve put up a Facebook Album of the boards I took photos of.

Overall I really can’t complain and am pretty chuffed that all of the work I put in has actually awarded something for once.  As with last year I do feel that Games Workshop really needs to firm up some base rules for Armies on Parade.  It should be a single army rather than a diorama for starters and entries really should be created by the entrant rather than a joint effort.  There were a number of Young Blood entries that I don’t feel got fair judging because one entry (which was impressive) was largely done by the entrant and their Dad.  However with that exception I had a really enjoyable day.

Part of me would love to spend a bit of effort next year and try and get a clean sweep of every category, however part of me also thinks that’s a little nasty and doesn’t give other people a chance to get anything.


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