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Armies on Parade 2017

After entering my Bloodbound in last years Armies on Parade, I knew I wanted another go this year.  Rather than putting the same army in for a second time I had already decided that I wanted to get my Knight Household up together for my 2017 entry.  So in an effort to get me blogging a bit more, I’m going to try and log my progress a little bit.

Armies on Parade Set Up

This year, Games Workshop have changed the format of the event a little.  Firstly they’ve extended the event to run over two weeks, with the first week being for Age of Sigmar and the second for Warhammer 40,000.  Each store is able to modify when and how it runs the event, although most seem to be picking one day and following a similar format to past years.  There are a number of categories you can win, so have everything from best painted to best board and monster etc.

Frustratingly my first disappointment came when I found out the date my local Warhammer store was planning on running the event – as well as announcing the date they also stated that they wouldn’t accept any Forge World models as you couldn’t purchase them in the store.  If anybody has seen my Twitter feed or read on here, they’ll realise that 3 out of 4 Knights are Forge World…  I’m still really annoyed at this pointless decision when Games Workshop have done so much work to make Forge World and Citadel products largely interchangeable.  Thankfully my next closest store (Bath) wasn’t imposing any such restrictions to how they were running Armies on Parade and I’ve managed to secure a lift from a friend there on the 4th November.

The Board

Rather than cramming everything into this post, I’m just going to focus on my board plans..

I started off with some amazing plans for my Armies on Parade board – pick up one of the Sector Imperialis boards and cover it in scenery.  Sadly time has forced me to curtail that choice unless I wish to not enter until next year.  So I made the decision to pick up one of the Forge World Realm of Battle Generatorum Sector boards, yes it was very expensive but should save me a bit of time and arrived this time last week.

Armies on Parade 2017 - Board FlatteningThe board is amazing, so much detail (how on earth am I going to replicate this on the Knight bases?) but has a number of bits of warping that are proving a nightmare to fix!  I’ve used hot water, hair dryers, heat guns, weights and supports to get it half way decent, but there are still a few ripples that I’m not happy with.  Basically what really needed to happen was a metal/plastic frame to have been added when the resin was poured, so when the resin cooled should have prevented some of the warping.  Either that or it required being clamped into a frame/solid jig when it cool.

Sadly there isn’t a lot I can do about it beyond keep heating it up and weighing it down.  With luck it’ll be flat enough that I can get some sealer and undercoat on it tomorrow afternoon.

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