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I cannot believe that it’s the middle of June and until a couple of days ago the only painting I had done was painting the kitchen!  That said, the transfers on my Death Guard got done a few months ago and have turned out really nice, it’s worth taking the time to cut as much of the clear film out and use MicroSol and MicroSet when you apply them.  The past few days have seen me finish off the last highlighting on the metallics and paint the bases up – pictures to follow soon.

A couple of months ago I purchases an iPad, my profession as a web developer has meant that I really need to learn to get to grips with tablets as yet another viewing platform.  Unfortunately one side effect has been much wasted time with games, however on a positive note, posting photos to this blog is a lot easier as there are apps that make it really easy to do this.

In a couple of weeks time (30th) I’m going to have my first game of 40k 6th edition.  The last time I played 40k is around 18 months ago and was 5th ed.  It’s only going to be a small 500 point game but sadly looking in the cupboard, my Space Wolves army is looking a little unpainted…  Although I have the 8 Grey Hunters part-painted, everything else is plain black.   I do however have a little bit of time available between today and Thursday 28th.  This evening I’m out with my girlfriend as it’s our 3 year anniversary, but we’re not going to be too late so I hope to spend a bit of time getting things ready.  This means that I’ve actually got 6 days in which to concentrate on getting paint onto at least one squad – some of which is weekend.

Although it’s an alien concept I need to focus on getting miniatures painted more quickly and to develop an “army level” standard.  If I get get all of the armour done on a squad in the next week, I’ll be happy.  My intention is to follow the process I used last year but with a few modifications.  Firstly I’m going to scrap the under-rust effect.  It triples the time it takes to airbrush the armour and the sponge weathering I’ve done on my Death Guard looks much more effective (not to say quicker).  I’m need to push my edge highlights much harder and have my girlfriend to berate me if I don’t do this (she’s a big fan of stark edge highlighting).  Although I will aim to get the highlighting smooth and crisp, I’m going to try and highlight fairly quickly, the bulk of the shadow will have been done using the airbrush so I need to only edge highlight rather than surface area highlight.

Once the blue grey armour is done I’ll then go over to any red and yellow colours and black of guns and such like.  Again I’ll be looking for a fairly speedy result, but will be going for a neat finish (I hate messy painting where people have got armour colour onto skin and similar).  I’ve a feeling that getting to this point, will actually use up all of the available time I’ve got, however if it doesn’t then the next step will be applying transfers and then sponge weathering (and edge highlighting those areas).  Then if something miraculous happens I can go onto the base and metallics – however I’ve a feeling that may be me being ridiculously optimistic!

I intend to start a WIP on CMoN to track my progress over the coming week.  First challenge is to tidy my desk ready for airbrushing though 😉  Providing I get that done tongith, I’ve got the majority of tomorrow evening to get all of the blue grey airbrushed on.  If I’m getting this done quickly enough I may do more than one squad, plus as it’s a Friday I don’t need to head to bed quite as early as I would during the week.

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