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In comparison to how long it normally takes me to paint, my first squad of Death Guard are progressing really quickly.  As you can see from the above picture, I have got the airbrushing, initial details and varnish done on the first fifteen.  I’ve done the washing on four and done the first metallic highlight on two (the front two on the right).  The way I’m doing it is really fast, effective and changes the marine from very bright to a dirty brown marine as suits a Death Guard. As you should be able to see from the left-hand marine (and ones in the back two rows), the washes just make the whole miniature ‘pop’.

It’s my hope to get all of the washing done by the end of this week and to get the shoulder pads ready for priming and undercoating.  One thing that will make a massive difference is oil weathering them, which I intend to do when the shoulder pads are painted and glued in place so that the weathering is done in a controlled cohesive manner.  Then it’ll be some weathering pigments around their feet and a matte varnish to bind everything together.  Unfortunately I’m away with work Saturday through to Tuesday so can’t see me getting these 15 finished for a couple of weeks.

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