What a Horrible Month


Dont-Panic-Button-292x300I don’t specifically mean December either, the past month has been utterly awful in the way of “hobby time”.  I’ll admit, that makes me sound like a complete diva, considering the last week of November I had a weeks holiday and went away!  But the week before was busy with getting things ready & housework and the past (almost) two weeks has been taken up with a major project at work which has demanded 12 hour working days and a weekend when I was visiting friends (which encompassed a meeting for most of Saturday).  Coupled with the fact that now the dust from my project is settling, real-life has kicked in and I’ve realised that Christmas is less than two weeks away and I still have a most of my shopping left to do – oh and my other half’s birthday is 3 days before Christmas…  Oh and on top of that my gas boiler is going to need £650 worth of work done on it.

However there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  Most of my present requirement can be fulfilled through Amazon – yes it’s going to be a monster of an order but combined with fast delivery will mean that I get everything in time.  I do have enough cash put aside for the boiler repair, and a bit of a bonus coming in my December pay packet.  We’re now visiting my other halves parents at New Year rather than Christmas, which should mean that I’m home from Christmas day until Saturday 22nd (5 days) and might even start on Friday 21st if things at work go OK.  My Quidco money should appear in my bank in the next few days as well so that I can purchase the beginning of my Horus Heresy army!  Oh and I’m off to the pub tonight and the work’s Christmas meal is on Tuesday.

All in all, I have a large amount of painting to catch up on, but should get some quality hobby time (and a break) soon.

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