The Are No Wolves on Fenris…

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As hoped I managed to get a bit of painting done last night.  I didn’t start quite as early as I wanted but I did get a reasonable amount of time on them.  I’m still working on the reds and brass colours currently and I’ve not really started on edge highlights, shading, silver metallics or ‘adornments’ (such as skulls and pelts).  I’m aiming to go full fettle tonight and get all of the brass base coloured (and washed) and then at least the middle red colour on.  At some point I need to do the back of the knee pads, which I’m sort of putting off as I’m not sure what colour to paint them, I might just go simple and use Dawnstone with a Nuln Oil wash.

As you can see in the above photo, the airbrushed top highlight is far too light and the colour should really only be used for edge highlighting.  Really pleased with how quickly they’re coming together – I just need a couple of big pushes and might even get them “almost done”.

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