It’s Too Hot


The UK is pretty well known for it’s wet miserable summers and even wetter winters.  The country can’t cope with any kind of extreme weather either, too much rain will cause flooding and a couple of inches of snow grinds everything to a halt.

We are currently in the grips of a mini heatwave which has been building for the last couple of weeks and is forecast to last for at least another month.  The temperature is now pretty consistently climbing to around 30 degrees outside and well into the high-twenties inside.  In short, it’s actually too hot to be in work or doing anything even remotely physical.  Just walking somewhere will result in you covered in perspiration!  Being out in the sun without sun cream will likely burn you pretty quickly and if not will cause you to shrivel up like a piece of jerky (ok, maybe not quite that drastic).

What is most infuriating is that it’s actually effecting me doing any painting, almost as soon as the paint hits the palette its starting to dry.  I remembered that I had a wet palette upstairs and was using that from Wednesday last week but the temperature has risen sufficiently that even that isn’t preventing the paint from drying out…  I did manage to get all of the pack markings and armour chipping effects finished before I gave it up as a bad job.  What this has meant is that I’m actually over to putting together some scenery pieces for 40k, although I’m not looking forward to filling the gaps as the putty will cure ridiculously quickly.  I might have to look round and see what other modelling projects I can do as I can’t see the weather cooling enough for a few days at best.

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