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Where has the last month gone 🙁  In fairness I can actually answer that for a change – insulating and stud walling the garage (and slicing my finger open with a stanley knife), tidying the house for visitors (and them visiting for a weekend) and going away this past weekend to a LARP event.  Although I am much further behind with my Dreadnought than I wanted to be, unlike my normal “oh god the past month has vanished”, I have actually got some elements constructed and done and more importantly I have free time approaching.

The arms have been glued into sub-assemblies and pins inserted in place, this includes the genestealer head.  The base has had all of the resin/plastic details glued on and received a covering of crushed quartz.  The fur cloak has had a little bit more work done.  I’ve a couple of small bits left to do and then I can actually get some primer & undercoat on it.  The list of modelling bits is as follows:

  • Base – Glue some guitar wire on and some mandatory skulls and then coat with watered down glue
  • Dreadnought – Sculpt on some wolf teeth and rune trinkets and then add a couple of wolf pelts
  • Cloak – Sculpt the remaining 2/3rds of the fur
  • Claw arm – Use some green stuff to make it look like the skull is being pinched rather than gingerly held

When it’s put down in a list like that, you can see that I’m not far off being able to put paint on.  One thing I do need to do this week is to rig up a light and photograph the whole piece so that I can ensure I get the shading and highlighting correct when I airbrush.

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