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It might be a few weeks since my last post but the Stormlord project is finally on the last road to completion.  There is still a lot left to do, but I’ve got to the point where I can complete a step in an evening rather than having to spread it over a number of evenings due to the sheer size of the tank.

The tank has had all of it’s basic colours on and has been sponge weathered (a process where you apply paint with a sponge to simulate paint chips).  The whole tank has then been gloss varnished and last night I managed to apply an oil wash around all of the detail which then got blended in such a way that it looks like basic dirt & water streaking.  I’m probably not going to do much tonight but the next step is rust effects and then some applying dirt effect to the tracks and base of the tank.  A complete coat of matte varnish from the airbrush will then seal it all in ready for the last few bits.  Over all I reckon this should be completed in the next week or so.

Without a doubt this has been a massive learning curve and I’d recommend to anyone who is going to do one to a good standard that it’s going to take you a LONG time.  The cost of the vehicle and size means that it deserves time and attention to be spent on it.  There was very little that you could do in “just five minutes”, which resulted in you having to dedicate at least an hour at a time, most of the time a lot more.  The oil wash I did last night is a prime example and I spent just over 3 hours working on it despite it actually being a very quick and simple task.  Although it does need large chunks of time given over to it, I’d not want to do this alongside another project as I think it would constantly be put off in preference to the other projects which would give a quicker reward.

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