I Like Rusty Spoons…

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Well last night saw me applying the rust elements to the body of the Stormlord.  A process that was actually a lot more difficult than you would expect.  The basic concept is you mix some rust coloured pigment (or in my case ground chalks) with some Burnt Umber oil paint and a little white spirit and “flick” it on using a paint brush.  However I ended up having to water it down more with white spirit and use my stippling brush as the other brushes I tried were far too soft (even drybrushes).  White spirit was then airbrushed on which blended in the sharp edges of the splatters and allows you to push the rust effect over the tank hull.  It’s VERY effective once you’ve worked out the technique and some big splatters adds to the overall effect.

Tonight I’m hoping to get the dust layer applied to the tracks and then it’s ready for a coat of matte varnish and the final bits.

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