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Stormlord Progress

It might be a few weeks since my last post but the Stormlord project is finally on the last road to completion.  There is still a lot left to do, but I’ve got to the point where I can complete a step in an evening rather than having to spread it over a number of evenings due to the sheer size of the tank.

The tank has had all of it’s basic colours on and has been sponge weathered (a process where you apply paint with a sponge to simulate paint chips).  The whole tank has then been gloss varnished and last night I managed to apply an oil wash around all of the detail which then got blended in such a way that it looks like basic dirt & water streaking.  I’m probably not going to do much tonight but the next step is rust effects and then some applying dirt effect to the tracks and base of the tank.  A complete coat of matte varnish from the airbrush will then seal it all in ready for the last few bits.  Over all I reckon this should be completed in the next week or so.

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Bored Masking…

The last week has seen a surprising amount of progress on the Stormlord.  Most of the hull has had it’s hull colour airbrushed on and I’ve spent two whole evenings sticking on tiny pieces of masking tape so that I can touch up some areas that need to be black (ready for metallics) and the strips on the hull that need to be done red.  I find that masking off is one of the most infuriating tasks when doing any airbrushing.  Do it poorly and you’ll completely mess up your model, it takes ages to get it “just right” and ultimately you’ll just rip the tape off again!  However without it you’d never achieve the crisp neat edges that people associate with a good paint job.

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First Paint!

Since last Monday/Tuesday I’ve had a bit of a cold lurking, which on the one hand isn’t a surprise because there’s been a lot of germs flying around but also is because I rarely come down with anything.  However as is the case when I’m ill – it floored me Friday through to Sunday.  Monday I actually felt a little better but had to spend a chunk of time sorting out some eBay bits that I’d manage to sell over the weekend, but yesterday despite having a mountain of other stuff to do, I finally got some paint on!

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Stormlord fully assembled

Well its no great surprise, but I finished off putting together the rear autocannons last night and glued them in place, which means that the Stormlord is fully assembled and with the exception of those two guns and the main gun, was undercoated on Monday evening so ready for paint.  I’m currently suffering from a cold so may well spend some of tonight airbrushing in the warmth of my office.

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Office, tanks and Flickr

Well a few months have passed since my last post and for a change only a portion of them have been idle.  After the New year I decided that my office/painting & modelling area was well overdue a tidy as the abundance of crap on my desk meant I couldn’t paint or model there even if I had been able to get through the deluge of further crap on the floor.  So three weeks ago I set out and have sorted out the whole office into a usable state.  I once more have a floor with visible carpet, a desk with my computer set up and a desk with a clear area for painting & modelling.  I’ve got some extra “bitz” storage on the desk and have tidied underneath the desk so that I can actually get my legs under it.  The cupboard has had a rudimentary sort out and on Sunday I got a load of surplus miniatures up on eBay so that I can free up space and make a bit of cash as well.  One thing that I’m very concious of is keeping the painting & modelling desk tidy enough to use throughout the year.  To this effect I’m forcing myself to only work on two project’s at a time – one painting and one modelling.  Modelling projects inherently cause more mess so it’s likely I’ll only be actively working on one thing.

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