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Ever had a sudden flash of inspiration where something has dawned that is so obvious you just want to kick yourself?  Well I’ve just had that..

I was just reading a forum post and suddenly wondered how much it would cost me to get together a squad of Space Wolves on bikes (Swiftclaws).  Reading up, it would appear that Blood Claws with jump packs (Skyclaws) aren’t actually very good as they can’t be led by a Wolf Guard so instead need a Wolf Priest leading them to be effective, which is a little annoying as I now have enough bits for a squad of ten.  However it would be a very good addition when I boost up to 2,000 points.  Blood Claws on bikes can be led by a Wolf Guard and are quite nails with the +1 toughness and other bonuses, so would make a nice addition for a 1,500 point army.

So I’ve had a mooch on eBay and google base and it looks like I’m talking around £6 for a bike (or £15.47 if I got 3 x Chaos Space Marine bikes from here) and then had “that moment” – I actually think i have got 4 or 5 bikes somewhere at home…  I’ve probably not got time to look this evening and am away from tomorrow for the weekend, so next week will have to have a rumage and see if I can find them.  I also seem to recall that I actually have 3 Land Speeders rather than the 1.5 that I currently can find – oh the joys of moving house…

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