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The Dark Vengeance boxed set contains some of the nicest Chaos miniatures that Games Workshop have produced (at least in my opinion).  The Chaos Chosen and Lord are ‘spiky’ but hold true to their original Space Marine form and the spikes are more ‘warped’ than just poked on decorations.  The poses also make them appear larger and more experienced (they are 10,000 years old after all).  The twenty cultists are also very nice miniatures although there is a certain amount of repetition.

Games Workshop has also released a new Chaos Champion (in plastic) that is identical in style and a plastic box set of Raptors/Warp Talons that fit into this new style.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in the pipeline (if anything!)

The Chaos Lord is the first miniature in a very long time that I’ve actually been inspired to get hold of and paint in a traditional sense and I bought one online for £5.  Not long after I received him a friend also offered me the whole Chaos side from the boxed set as he had no interest in them.  To this end I used my miniature to get back into the swing and experiment with the new paints.

The miniature comes in a number of individual parts – the cloak & shoulders; pistol arm; sword arm; head, torso & legs; backpack.  You can fix the pistol arm to the cloak but that’s it if you want to be able to reach into all of the nooks and crannies.  Although I missed doing it, you will also need to fill the gap in the shoulder pad rim as this will be visible at certain angles.

With luck I’ll get a bit more done tonight.  I noticed that I’d missed some brass edging on the gauntlet holding the sword so want to sort that out.  I also would like to get the demon faces on the armour painted if I can and finish off the last of the metallics.

The weekend will likely be very sparse on the painting front as I’m away at a friends, but I want to get this finished within the next week so that I can get round to doing the full set as Word Bearers 🙂

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