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Just a very minor update post.  Despite going to B&Q last night to collect carpet tiles (the growing saga of my brothers flat), I actually got a little more work done.  I’ve redrilled the hole on the base that will take the foot – this is the third time – and ended up with a much more balanced arrangement.  Basically I always felt that the model wasn’t stood centrally on the base, but this latest tweak has fixed my concerns.  Instead of doing more filling on the gun arm, I glued a piece of plasti-card onto it.  Although filling is needed, this will give me a better finish with which to paint.  I do need to add some detailing to this though – mind you the same applies to the other shoulder!  Oh I glued the ForgeWorld power fist together and got that stuck on, it looks fantastic, but currently unbalances the model a little 🙂

Tonight I actually have an unexpected evening to myself, so will begin to make the rivets for the torso – with luck I’ll even get them stuck on 🙂  I also want to bend the toes of the feet – notice plural, as the foot that is flat on the base now has one toe over hanging the base :s  I’m planning on cutting them from underneath and bending them.  These bits should stand me in good stead for tomorrow afternoon, where I’m going to have to go at the project full tilt.

Running Totals: Time – ~ 75 Hrs; Cost – £38.92

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