Its been a long time…


Yup, over eight months since my last post and boy have things changed in my life.  I have recently just bought (and moved into) my first house which has consumed bags of time and money – but worth it without a doubt.  I have a three bedroom semi-detached place with garden and garage.  I’ve just got a pair of corner desks in the small bedroom, which is going to become my computer/modelling room and hope to move most of my model making and painting supplies across fairly soon – although I’m lacking cupboards so most will have to live in the spare bedroom for a short time.  The other major change is that I’ve started dating the most amazing lady in the world, so have been spending quite a bit of  time with her – although she lives an hour and a halves drive away (or two and a half hours public transport journey) so most visits are planned in advance.

It is still my intention to paint something for entry into Golden Demon this year, however due to time restrictions I’m not sure what I’m going to be able to do.  I had started to tidy up some Empire Outriders/Pistoleers so that’s still a possibility.

Anyway that’s just a small update of things – hopefully I’ll be getting back into painting fairly soon.

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