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What is it they say “The best laid plans…”.  It has transpired that we have some kind of blockage in the waste pipe at home, which resulted in a pretty substantial flood from our downstairs loo – the water from my sisters shower.  This has meant that we’ve currently got the plumber in, dismantling our fairly new downstairs toilet area.  We’re struggling to get some of the carpet tiles for my brothers new flat (that I have to fit) which means that I’m having to travel farther afield to get them.  Oh and Monday evening got almost completely obliterated with computer jobs.

On a plus point, I have Thursday afternoon, Friday and all of Monday off as holiday where I need to seriously crack on with things.  Last night I managed to squeeze in a bit of filling of the gun arm.  This can be sanded tonight (with luck) and a bit more filling/packing which should result in the shoulder mount for that arm being largely finished.  The Chaos Marine has had both feet repositioned and filled (fingers crossed it’ll look OK as I’m not that great at sculpting).  In order to stand a chance to getting this project done, I need to be in the position to sculpt the cloak on Thursday afternoon, to allow it to dry overnight – giving me Friday to begin spraying the whole thing.  Quite scarily, if I begin with a coat of grey primer, it could be Monday before I actually airbrush anything (ideally 24 hours drying time on the primer).  What this does however is to quite dramatically focus my attention on getting the torso finished.  So it’ll be a matter of adding the stud rivets around the edging tonight or tomorrow and drilling the holes for the wire that will hold the fur/cloak in place.  I also need to make a decision on the exhausts and power plant.

Now if things actually do go to plan (unlikely to be honest), I could potentially get the cloak shape knocked out in an hour or so.  I can then position it near a light in order to cure it more quickly.  If I can get it solid in time to prime it on Thursday, I could potentially grasp back half a day – and airbrush on Friday afternoon.

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